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Medical cannabis store opens in Little 5 Points | Health

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Medical cannabis store opens in Little 5 Points
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Medical cannabis store opens in Little 5 Points

ATLANTA (WXIA) -- Next week, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is expected to sign the medical marijuana bill passed by the legislature.

One retailer in Atlanta's Little 5 Points neighborhood is trying to get a jump on the law – at a newly opened medical cannabis store.

The key word in the store's window is "cannabis." The modifier is "medical." But what's actually getting sold there is a little more nuanced.

"The Pot Shop is all things cannabis," said owner Paul Cornwell.

The Pot Shop is a store that is, indeed a store that is almost all things cannabis.

"Hemp clothing, hemp hats – no ganga, no pipes," Cornwell said. "Reefer camo – this is our line."

Cornwell argues that his store also sells medical cannabis. He stocks therapeutic oil that contains hemp, but does not contain the psychoactive THC, newly decriminalized the Georgia state legislature.

"It's a medical cannabis store," he said.

Yet, Cornwell, a marijuana legalization activist, argues that his sign is accurate, because --

"All uses of marijuana are medical," Cornwell said.

Except, as he points out, he does not sell that either.

"It seems funny you would open a store based on a product you're not allowed to sell," said 11Alive's Doug Richards.

"It's based on cannabis. Cannabis products, I'm allowed to sell," Cornwell said.

On the street, Richards had some questions for shoppers in the area.

"Notice anything funny about its nearest neighbor?" he asked one woman.

"The police!" she said. "I guess that keeps it regulated, just so you know that it's safe."

The Atlanta Police Department's Zone 6 Mini Precinct is directly next door to The Pot Shop.

"Within this block, there's probably dozens of people selling marijuana," Cornwell said.

But, with the police precinct located next to the cannabis store, the "black market" sales that Cornwell is hinting at is likely to stay a good distance away.

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