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Police: Suspect may try for 3rd kidnapping attempt | News

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Police: Suspect may try for 3rd kidnapping attempt

**Note: We have removed the names of the victims released by police in this story following a request by one of the witnesses in this case."

ATLANTA -- Atlanta police are canvassing East Atlanta. They're looking for a suspect determined to kidnap a woman. He has tried, and failed, twice. Investigators are worried he will try again.

A Candler Park resident was visiting her friend on Mayson Avenue near Reynoldstown in the early morning hours on Wednesday, May 2. They were sitting on the front porch when a man ran up with a gun in his hand and grabbed her. He screamed "You f----- with the wrong person!" and dragged her to his car. He told another man on the street "Don't be a hero, back off!"

The victim was stuffed in the trunk of the car, fighting to get out for about a mile. She tore through the liner and released the trunk latch, then ran to call police. She sustained minor injuries from the escape.

Minutes later, the suspect tried again in the same neighborhood. About a mile away, a woman was walking to her car, parked on Hawthorne Street. A man pulled up behind her, grabbed her hair, punched her, and started yelling "Get in the trunk!" He got her in the trunk, but she kept kicking her leg out, so he couldn't close it.

A neighbor heard her screams and scared the man away. An off-duty detective was in the area and ran to help when he heard the screams. Investigator J. Egbert chased the car, an older dark-colored sedan, but lost it. The suspect hit a nearby mailbox while trying to get away, so the car might have front end damage.

A neighbor along Walthall Street (near Hawthorne) has cameras with night vision set up outside her home. Because they face both north and south, police believe they may have captured the suspect entering and leaving the area. They're working on accessing the video.

For both attacks, the man had obscured his face. He was wearing a black mask, white T-shirt, and navy blue hoodie. Somehow, the mask came off during the second attack and Investigator Egbert and the victim from that second attack were able to help police develop a sketch of the suspect.

Police returned to the neighborhood bordering Edgewood and Reynoldstown Thursday with hundreds of copies of the sketch. They set up road blocks and started a door-to-door canvas.

"We have a huge sense of urgency," Atlanta Police Major Keith Meadows said. "We understand this type of behavior is progressive and we really need to catch this individual before he gets more violent towards his victims."

Meadows said they're not sure what he intended to do with the women, but "Of course, that's always a major concern."
All witnesses described the suspect as "small in stature" and "skinny". Police believe he's about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 130 pounds. That small size is a distinctive feature that could help police catch him.