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4 suspects charged in Little 5 Points double murder | News

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4 suspects charged in Little 5 Points double murder

ATLANTA (WXIA) – Residents in the Little Five Points community are breathing a sigh of relief with the arrest of the four people believed to have gone on a 15-minute crime spree last March, which left two men dead near the Vortex Bar and Grille.


Authorities are crediting a good Samaritan and good police work for solving the case.

Police are keeping quiet about the good Samaritan who helped with the information, saying they do not want to release anything that may hurt their case.

The arrests are certainly a relief to residents and businesses in the Little Five Points area who have been on edge since the murders three months ago.

"It's been kind of sad around here for the past few months," said Kahle Davis, president of the Little Five Points Business Association. "It was such a blow to us and our feeling of safety."

March 14 brought darkness to the sense of security people felt, even at night in Little Five Points. Among them, the two men murdered – regulars in the area – last seen in a surveillance video leaving a bar – Joseh Hruska and Chay Kelsey.

"People have been sad about losing Chay and Joe and they've also been very angry nobody's been caught yet," said Davis. "I know that APD homicide detectives have been working on this case for months and to finally have a break in the case, we're just so ecstatic."

"This is a great day for the citizens of Atlanta," said Atlanta Police Chief George Turner.

Authorities say diligent police work helped solve a case that had very few leads -- except that they noticed two other armed robberies, not far away, right before the time of the murders, a period of 15 minutes for all three hits. A bit out of the ordinary.

"It was unusual enough for it to be noticeable," said Captain Mike O'Connor. "We were able to take what turned out very small clues and get to the end point where we arrested four suspects, each on two counts of malice murder."

Under arrest, an unidentified 14 year old, and two 17-year-olds, Jacques Allen and Charlie Baldwin. Also in jail, 25-year-old Thomas Dozier. While authorities say the suspects aren't related, they are acquaintances – but police will not say how they know each other or whether the crime is gang-related.

"To have someone in custody for this and get justice for those two people who were murdered out here is the most wonderful news I've heard all year," Davis said.

Since March, this community has come together to improve security even paying for off-duty officers to patrol on foot. Still, what happened, will linger.


"These folks weren't from this neighborhood. They didn't hang out in this neighborhood, they just brought their trouble into our neighborhood," Davis said. "But it does make you a little more vigilant. Looking over your shoulder as you're going to and from the bank."

The Little Five Points Business Association has had Georgia Power update lighting in parking lots and the community has raised money to add new security cameras.

All but one of the suspects have made their first appearances in court.