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Victim's wallet helps tie robberies to murders | News

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Victim's wallet helps tie robberies to murders

ATLANTA -- The man whose wallet was key to tying four armed robbery suspects to a double murder outside the Vortex in Little Five Points last March said he knew they were connected from the beginning.

Two armed robberies on Highland Avenue and the double murder at the Vortex all happened within 15-minutes and now police say they were committed by the same four suspects.

Michael Odier was robbed minutes before the murders and less than a city block away. "I'm totally relieved," he said in response to Atlanta Police charging the four suspects in the robberies with the murders.

"I'm grateful to be alive," he said. "I realize just as easily it could have been me."

Ironically, Odier works at the Vortex. He was walking home on March 14th and made it to his driveway on N. Highland when he was jumped. "I just turned around and that's when I saw the guy," he said. "He had a large caliber handgun and he pointed it at my head and he said 'gimme all you got.'"

Odier said he vividly remembers the faces and said it was suspect Charlie Baldwin and the 14 year old boy who robbed him. They are two of four suspects charged in the robberies and murders. Thomas Dozier and Jacques Allen are the other two suspects. Joe Hruska, 33, and Chay Kelsey, 32, were shot and killed after they left a bar on March 14, 2015.

Odier said he gave Baldwin his wallet. The wallet was later found by a Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan told police where he found the wallet and when he found the wallet. Police said the location and timing made it clear the same suspects who committed the robberies, committed the murders.

"I called up work (Vortex) and I said hey, I just got held up at gunpoint," Odier said. "I mean I called my friend and she says well, there are two dead in the parking lot right now."

Though it has taken police almost three months to tie the cases together, Odier said he knew the same suspects who robbed him, killed the two men.

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