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Raise a glass at Cypress Street’s Beer Geek Tuesdays | Restaurants

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Raise a glass at Cypress Street’s Beer Geek Tuesdays
Raise a glass at Cypress Street’s Beer Geek Tuesdays

Don’t just drink beer. Experience it.

If you give careful consideration to which wine to pair with a meal but don’t ponder beer in quite the same way, then a beer dinner at Cypress Street Pint & Plate may blow your mind.

Each week, Rob Merrick, beer program manager and resident beer aficionado, hosts Beer Geek Tuesdays. You need not be a beer connoisseur or “geek” to attend, just pull up a chair or bar stool and sip the featured beers and dig into the recommended dishes. Prepare to please your taste buds. (note: for more stories like this visit my blog http://www.insathope.blogspot.com/ )

“Every Tuesday night is a bit different,” says Merrick, who began his own beer journey 10 years ago as a home brewer and is currently studying for Cicerone certification (a title that is to beer what sommelier is to wine). While themes vary, the approach is standard. “Each week there’s beer plus at least one special dish created by Chef Richard Silvey that’s not usually on the menu and also a dessert.” A recent event matched three bocks with a spicy chicken stew and banana chocolate chip bread pudding—each match-up revealed surprising sweet and savory nuances in each element, impressing palates around the table.

“I dream up themes in my head,” says Merrick when asked how he decides what beers to feature each week. Forthcoming themes include roller derby, doughnuts and beer, all ales, creative beer cocktails and more. (Details will be posted on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/CypressStreet.)

Through these weekly events, Merrick hopes to showcase beer’s food-friendly characteristics while sharing his beer knowledge in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. “There’s 10,000 years of history in every pint,” he says.

“It’s about creating a beer experience,” he says. The Beer Geek events’ relaxed vibe, festive mood, tasty fare and creative pairings may make Tuesdays your favorite night of the week.

Cypress Street Pint & Plate is at the corner of 6th Street and Cypress Street. For more information, visit http://cypressbar.com/ or call 404-815-9243.