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Photo Gallery | Photos | The High Museum opens new KAWS exhibit

MIDTOWN - The High Museum of Art is hosting “KAWS: DOWN TIME,” a major multi-site exhibition of work by Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, known as KAWS. “KAWS: DOWN TIME” opens on February 18, 2012, in four locations on the High Museum’s campus: a 22-foot-high, site-specific mural is painted in the Margaretta Taylor Lobby of the Wieland Pavilion; a 24-foot-long triptych, “SILENT CITY,” is hung 40 feet above the ground floor of the Museum’s Robinson Atrium; and a group of new paintings, drawings and sculpture is installed on the Skyway Level of the Wieland Pavilion.

The gallery installation features a grid of 27 tondo paintings, each 40 inches in diameter. Leading up to the exhibition, the sculpture “COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH)” (2010) was installed on the Museum’s Sifly Piazza on November 18, 2011. “KAWS: DOWN TIME” is organized by the High Museum of Art, with generous support from WISH Atlanta, LLC, and will be on view from February 18 through May 20, 2012.

When speaking to KAWS about what it is like to have started as a graffiti artists and now to have moved into the "legitimate art world"  where museums bid to display your work, Kaws quickly  smiled and said "they are both people." "There is nothing different about doing art in the street or doing it on a commercial basis.  I just try to create and then see what happens." 

The KAWS exhibit is a refreshing display of young, bright vibrant colors presented in a way that will surely appeal to younger (20's-40's) art lovers.